'To think,' said Traddles, 'that you should have been so nearly coming home as you must have been, my dear old boy, and not at the ceremony!'

27th MAY

"It is one of the States of the North-west," said Sherman.

鈥楬ow different it is writing a free and easy letter to you, from a studied one like that to 鈥斺€? I hope that my Laura will not consider Char a conceited old woman, who likes no one to find fault with her writings. But, you see, love, I know nothing of Mr. 鈥斺€斺

For some little time we held no conversation, Steerforth being unusually silent, and I being sufficiently engaged in wondering, within myself, when I should see the old places again, and what new changes might happen to me or them in the meanwhile. At length Steerforth, becoming gay and talkative in a moment, as he could become anything he liked at any moment, pulled me by the arm:

“You. Are. Shitting me!” the budding Buddha exclaimed. “Really? Can me and my friend go? Ohno. Shit! We’ve got midterms that week. I’m going to have to pull a fast one on him. Give me tilltomorrow, okay?”

Finding him so very friendly and companionable, it was then that I asked for the pen and ink and paper, to write to Peggotty. He not only brought it immediately, but was good enough to look over me while I wrote the letter. When I had finished it, he asked me where I was going to school.